14.01.2014: Problema utilizării terenului agricol în districtul Dubăsari

Upon request of “Novosti Pridnestrovya” News Agency, Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev commented on current situation concerning land use in Dubossary district of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic used by Moldovan farmers.

-Vitaly Viktorovich, have an agreement with the Moldovan side on streamlining temporary mechanism of land use in Dubossary district been reached in the current year?

– This is a continuing process. The issue is quite difficult, because over almost seven years after adoption of a simplified temporary mechanism of land use in 2006 many problems connected with these land plots have accumulated.

In particular, uncoordinated actions of Moldovan land users in respect to land plots which were given to them for temporary use led to such problems as considerable increase in a number of unused plots running wild. Definite parameters of cultivated lands were not confirmed by separate land users.

 Apart from that, there are no possibilities for efficient agro-technical and phyto-sanitary control over the use of land plots on the part of Dubossary state administration and Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the PMR that have these lands on their balance.

Further details on this important issue can be found at the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the PMR.

Definitely, this situation shouldn’t keep getting worse. Pressing need to normalize situation with the farmland became evident long ago. As far back as in 2012 Moldovan side was officially notified about the need to revise the interim mechanism of land use.

To normalize the situation, during the meeting of expert (working) groups of Pridnestrovie and Moldova on economy on April 30, 2013 Pridnestrovian side offered beforehand to carry out voluntary re-registration procedure in full compliance with current mechanism of 2006 before October 2013. Moldovan side formally agreed, but haven’t provided the needed materials.

Experts of the sides assented to the need to finalize and optimize existing mechanism of temporary land use, and agreed to submit their own written proposals on optimization of this mechanism. During subsequent meetings of field expert (working) groups, Pridnestrovian side outlined its vision. Moldovan side hasn’t provided its concrete suggestions so far, which impedes substantive work on this topical point.

Current land use regime expires this year, therefore we expect that as early as in January 2014 expert (working) groups on economy will continue active work to reach final agreement of a more transparent, renewed and efficient land use mechanism that would meet relevant interests of the Moldovan and Pridnestrovian sides. 


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